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Forced marriage with the prince

Authors: nemoffics

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 19-02-2023

Status: Completed

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What ??????? I don't want to marry him .

It's a order from prince family , you have no choice .

I will marry her .

What ? He said he will marry me ????

I hate you , you are just a gold digger . I will make your life hell after marriage . Welcome to the fire princess .

A story where y/n is an ordinary girl but got a marriage proposal from the kings family . The prince agreed to marry her because of his parents and the kingdom. She had to agree because of her parents and it's the kings proposal . She can't deny almightys proposal .

But the prince hates her thinking she is just a gold digger who agreed to marry him and decides to make her life hell .

Y/n life takes a U turn after the marriage. Being an ordinary girl she doesn't know any rituals of kings family and how to behave as a princess . It's all difficult to her to learn everything. And top of that she has a husband who hates her so much .

But one nice thing that happened to her is jungkook. The younger brother of taehyung who happens to develop a crush on y/n .

Will y/n love her husband who hates her or will she fall in love with the younger prince who loves her ? Read the story to know what tragedy happens in their lives .


( the storyline is inspired from the drama princess hours)