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Fragments of Alchemy: The Code Breaker

Authors: ACSutliff

Genre: General Fiction

Update: 06-02-2023

Status: Ongoing

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What happens when you're destined to save the world from utter destruction, but the people trying to manipulate you into fulfilling your destiny are the true villains of your story?

The First Alchemist Fragmented the world, or so the legend says. He created the Trinitas to hold the world together. For centuries, the Code Keeper, the Code Giver, and the Code Breaker have waged many wars over this broken world. Only the Code Keeper knows how to save the world from certain doom, and he has placed his faith in the hands of three teenagers.

After getting rescued from the Shadow Mansion, Chadwick MacNamara attempts to return to his Alchemy lessons at Blackthorn and Burtree. When his Mentor and parents all get called away from Blackthorn, Chadwick finds himself on his own with a new Protégé to take under his wing. Though he tries to focus on his lessons, as his parents order him to, he soon finds that the Code Breaker has plans to throw the whole world into chaos, and it's up to him to save his Protégé from the Code Breaker's maniacal machinations.

But with Chadwick busy trying to rescue the girl who is supposed to protect the world, who will save the world from utter destruction?