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Game of Thrones - One Shots

Authors: d3dacc0unt12345

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 30-10-2017

Status: Completed

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This book is a collection of One-Shots for the TV Series Game of Thrones.

You can request any character that appears in the TV show but you must fill up this formula first.
- Do you want the reader to have a background story, if yes, what is it?
- What kind of relationship, if any, would you want the reader to have with the character?
- Under what circumstances does the reader meet the character?
- Whose POV do you want the story to be written from?

Requests by PM only! It is easier for me than to sort out everything through the comments!
Please be sure to mention if you want me to give you credit for the idea!

/!\ I do not write smut /!\