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Given The Same Reputation (Labels)

Authors: Anahihey

Genre: Teen Fiction

Update: 04-12-2022

Status: Completed

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Bad girl of the school, Faye Lenards, is in for a ride when she gets partnered with the infamous bad boy, Paxton Lenox. Annoyed at all of his smart comments and charming attempts to get to know her, Faye thinks working with Paxton will be a miserable experience. Once they both realize what it takes to be given the same reputations, she realizes she might have been wrong about Paxton, and her outer core begins to soften.


In high school, people are often branded with labels. Jocks, nerds, geeks, and so on. The list can be endless. They're given reputations that don't always fit the person, or sometimes they do, down to the tee.

Faye Lenards and Paxton Lenox have both been branded as the bad kids of the school. The bad boy and the bad girl. However, the two have never exchanged words, despite sharing a few classes together.

They're both known as the bad kids but it's much more than that. There's way more to them than just the surface. And they discover that, once they're paired on a health class assignment.

They discover that there's a lot more to their personalities than what others think of them.

Love, a few misunderstandings, and a lot of mint chocolate chip ice cream later, the two find that they make a great pair.


**This story was previously known as Labels.**

[[word count: 70,000-80,000 words]]