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His sin my addiction

Authors: _kristty

Genre: New Adult

Update: 18-11-2022

Status: Ongoing

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Celia's world had crumbled once her mother had spoken those four words. The same four words that had Celia booking the next flight home. Into a town, she hadn't stepped foot in for three years.

Celia's unhealthy choices spark an argument with her mother. Words get said that have Celia leaving. Running into the arms of her long-distance boyfriend Adrian.

To keep her mind off of things Adrian convinces Celia to stay for the holidays. Celia agrees willingly knowing if she refuses she would have to return home.

Things go well as the next two days pass. Until one-night Celia's past begins to resurface. To drown out the memories Celia finds herself having one too many drinks.

One too many drinks has Celia making the biggest mistake of her life.

She finds herself lip-locking with her boyfriend's father.