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Home Is Her // Dunkirk

Authors: wemiix

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 23-04-2020

Status: Completed

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Written in 2017
Completed in 2017
Published on January 1st 2018

[ #1 in Dunkirk 8/27/19 ]

Autumn Smith is a young 19 year old female, having to now be brought into the treacherous war that is Dunkirk.

Autumn's father is the leading commander of the English troop in Dunkirk, now needing Autumn to travel to the forbidden battle ground of Dunkirk for crucial reasons.

Will Autumn do what is needed of her and bid her goodbyes, or will problems occur?

What happens when Autumn meets two courageous boys, Alex and Tommy?


This is a fiction story based off the non-fiction events that were recreated in the movie, Dunkirk.
Disclaimer: This was poorly written and needs an enormous amount of editing!
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