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Authors: ChelseaFlynn8

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 04-12-2022

Status: Completed

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Meredith Druella Pettigrew was the only daughter of none other than Peter Pettigrew and the only niece of Remus Lupin and ever since the day people thought her father had died, her Uncle had taken her in and did the best he could to raise her and when she started attending Hogwarts, she had become close friends with Cedric Diggory that eventually turned into something more when she started to feel something towards him and since the day of Voldemort's return things change not just between them but throughout the entire Wizarding world as well and as time goes on, both Cedric and Meredith will begin to realize they only have each other and the people they trust the most and things get dark.

DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT own any of the Character(s) or Dialog(s) that is involved with Harry Potter except for the Character(s) and Dialog(s) that I have made up myself for this story as all Credit involving Harry Potter goes to the amazing and talented J.K. Rowling and the people who have written and made the books and Movies.