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Hurts So Good

Authors: ameesaAhlam

Genre: New Adult

Update: 17-10-2022

Status: Completed

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• Elysian Leonidas •
I was assigned to do a task. Sheild her from all the monsters lurking outside. It was a simple task. And I knew I would succeed but the moment she gazed at me with those warmth-filled eyes, the warmth I didn't deserve, I knew I was fucked up.

• Farren Elizabeth Calathan •
He was dark and scary, he was just here to protect me, nothing less, nothing more. He guarded me against all the harm and watched over me but I think my heart needed more guarding against his burning soul. After all, I was a moth and he was a flame and I couldn't help being attracted to him, only to burn in the end.


"There's a difference. If this continues, I will have to replace you."

My blood boiled and I growled. "You take her away from me and I will forget we even share the same blood."

His eyes narrowed further. "Are you forgetting your purpose here? She's your client, Elysian, nothing else."

"She is my fucking wife! Don't call her my client ever again."