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Key to your heart

Authors: Mariadharshini

Genre: Teen Fiction

Update: 30-05-2023

Status: Ongoing

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Stern yet gently,
Your eyes are ornamental,
It's as if amber stones are hidden inside,
Just sitting here by your side,
Your face pale yet shining
and your jawline inclining ...

Alright, I know it obviously sounds ridiculous, but I couldn't help myself. The sound of the traffic and zooming cars vibrated faintly against the window, slowly I felt my eyes grow tired and tired -- until I dozed off.

"Mia, Mia, Mia", a deep voice called out to me. I felt someone shake me by the shoulder gently. "Mmm, yeah?", I asked rubbing my eyes. "We reached the hotel", the voice said. "Two minutes", I said and closed my eyes again. I was out of my senses, I didn't realize it was Austin I was talking to, I didn't know I was in the car with him and I thought I was home, snug in my bed.

"Hey don't play that game with me", the voice said with a laugh. I didn't reply and continued to close my eyes, concentrating on the swishing sound of the wiper. All of a sudden, I felt a cold finger outline the side of my face and push my hair back. I closed my eyes more tightly now, making it more obvious that I was pretending to be asleep. I could hear my breath get heavier with each second.

He placed his extremely ice-cold hands on my neck, sending a chill up my spine. I opened my eyes to see his looking back at mine. He didn't dare to move his eyes away and his hand was still placed on my neck.

Suddenly, memories that I didn't want to relive entered my head. The reminiscent smell of lemon-scented Bleach from the hospital floor filled the air, the sound of stretchers screeching across the hallway, and the familiar chime of machines in the surgery room echoed through my head. I knew exactly where this was going. The image of my brother lying on the hospital bed, unable to breathe flashed right before my eyes ...

[You know what to do next, go read my story to find the rest :)]