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King of The Vamps

Authors: DancingRainDrops1

Genre: New Adult

Update: 29-07-2022

Status: Completed

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In a world where vampires have taken over, humans are treated like dirt underneath vampires' feet. Humans are considered inferior to the vampires. They treat the humans awfully and force them to abide by their laws.

Once a year, King Ulric, king of the vampires, chooses a different town in the U.S to pick young girls to be his servants. The jobs the human girls are forced into can range from being a cook to being the King's personal play toy. However, no girl has ever returned after being taken back to the kingdom.

This year, King Ulric decided to stop in PotterTown, eighteen-year-old Amaryllis Westbay's town. Amaryllis was an intelligent, young girl who thought she had her whole life ahead of her, that was until the vampires took over. What will happen when the vicious, stone cold vampire meets the innocent human?