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Love and Lattes

Authors: ShadowAngel56

Genre: Teen Fiction

Update: 30-05-2023

Status: Completed

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Everyone knows how Bugs and Daffy originally met. But what if it was never at the post office at all. What if they cross each other's path on different terms? In this Coffee Shop AU, our two lovelies will meet at a cafe right in Los Angeles along with Rodney, who was Bugs childhood best friend before Daffy came into the picture. Bugs is a hard-working barista who does all he can to make sure that he has enough money to invest in his real dream: being a well-known inventor with the help of his pal Rodney. While Daffy, on the other hand, is a lonely and broke regular customer of the cafe with dreams of being a pianist just like his late grandmother. Will the ever two get along and become more than just acquaintances? Will they both be able to accomplish their goals and finally live up to their dreams? Find out in this cute and sweet hearted romcom that can make a heart melt. Enjoy! ☺️