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Macaroons & Muscles

Authors: rainyreign

Genre: Short Story

Update: 08-12-2021

Status: Completed

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Short Story with LOTS of sex ♥️


"Maybe we got off on the wrong foot. How about we act like last night didn't happen at all for Mrs. Evelyn's sake?" I try with a small smile, watching him raise an eyebrow.

"No." He says simply, eyes glinting in amusement as he challenges me.

"No?" I ask incredulously, my voice coming out higher than I wanted.

"I like what happened last night." I feel myself blush and watch warily as he steps closer. He can't be serious. A small smile finds its way to his soft looking lips when I take an unsteady step back. "I think you like it too." He whispers bringing one hand to grip my waist and pull me closer while using the other to push back my hair, revealing my bare shoulders. I whimper lightly, sounding more like encouragement to the beautiful man instead of a protest. His hand on my waist travels up slightly.

His fingers brush against the top of my shorts making me gasp. I look into his lusty chocolate eyes and bite my lips, reveling in the feeling of this mans touch. It's something about him that just unravels me. "I don't think we should be doing this."

"I don't think you should be embarrassed about how you feel." Adam whispers back, leaning in and placing soft kisses on my exposed collarbone. I swallow the moan that threatens to break past my lips as his fingers dip into the waistband, simply rubbing the sensitive skin and igniting me on fire.