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Married to the Obnoxious Guy || Taehyung Fanfic

Authors: eatinmochis

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 07-12-2022

Status: Ongoing

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"If I could rewind back time... if I could change everything, I would never do it. I loved every single moment with you, Y/N. Whether it was our fights or our sweet moments, our bickering or kisses, I'd love to experience it all again, every bit of it. I love you so much... and I promise, we'll be together forever, I'll hold you close to me forever." He said. You could see his eyes getting glossy. Was he crying? He was.

Jeon Y/N ends up getting married to a young obnoxious CEO of a gaming company, Kim Taehyung, due to certain circumstances. But having different personalities and views, it becomes hard for them to adjust to each other. With chaos and bickering along with some cute and warm moments, they both start to make a place in each other's life which could never be replaced. Could their so-called loveless marriage turn into a marriage blooming with fresh love as both of them untie the tangled strings of their hearts?

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Drama
Parts: 40
Leads: Jeon Y/N, Kim Taehyung