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My Girlfriend's Mysterious Past

Authors: _Shivani_1910

Genre: Novels

Update: 21-10-2022

Status: Completed

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My girlfriend's mysterious past is a love story between Sanjay a powerful businessman and Sanvi the broken soul


Sanjay Saho a powerful businessman, attacked by an enemy one night at deserted area where there are no one. He is unconscious when a girl found him. He is out of breath he is going to die but that girl rushed towards him and gave him breath and took him to the hospital. She doesn't have enough money for his treatment so she gave them her pendant which her mom left for her before she die. She left the hospital before he get conscious.
He fell in love with her at first sight but he doesn't know about her at all. He only knows her name and the pendant she gave at the hospital. He has been searching for her since then.
Finally He found her at unexpected time but he get to know that she has full of mysteries and secrets. He couldn't find her childhood no matter how much he tried. Will he able to find her mysterious past and break her boundaries? On the other hand Sanvi a doctor who is trying to find the true culprits behind her parent's death. She is not ready for any kind of relationship. she is broken from inside when her family died right infront of her. In The process of searching for the culprit will she find the love of her life? Will she open up to him about her past and painful childhood? Will she able to love him when she herself is a broken soul?

Come with me guys let's witness the journey of their love together.

Start date: 13th Jan 2022
End date: 29th March 2022


authors note

Chapter-1 find her..!

Chapter-2 she is perfect

Chapter-3 good news

Chapter-4 did you know each other

Chapter-5 why?

Chapter-6 Are we

Chapter-7 Boyfriend?

Chapter- 8 do you love her?

Chapter- 9 don't kill me ...

Chapter- 10 Ombrophobia

Chapter- 11 I mean it

Chapter- 12 I am proud of her

Chapter- 13 perfect couple

Chapter- 14: Obsessed with her

Chapter- 15 My Woman

Chapter- 16 I don't deserve him

Chapter- 17 can I call you sister

Chapter- 18 Jealousy

Chapter- 19 Drunken Sanvi

Chapter- 20 I trust you

Chapter- 21 so many trauma's

Chapter- 22 Life is a mess

Chapter- 23 dinner

Chapter- 24 planning Outing

Chapter- 25 forest

Chapter- 26 enjoying

Chapter- 27 Her painful past

Chapter- 28 broken soul

Chapter- 29 surprise

Chapter- 30 birthday celebrations

Chapter- 31 flashback

Chapter- 32 letter by sanvi

Chapter- 33 touched

Chapter- 34 avoiding him

Chapter- 35 murderer

Chapter- 36 sexual Assault

Chapter- 37 another confession

Chapter- 38 girlfriend

Chapter- 39 sleeping peacefully

Chapter- 40 first date

Chapter- 41 office

Chapter- 42 facing the fear

Chapter- 43 attending event together ..!

Chapter- 44 finding evidence

Chapter- 45 trap

Chapter- 46 who are you?

Chapter- 47 Happy moments

Chapter- 48 alive..!

Chapter- 49 cooking

Chapter- 50 complete family

Chapter- 51 romance in office ..!

Chapter- 52 scars

Chapter- 53 Accident..!

Chapter- 54 attack

Chapter- 55 panic..!

Chapter- 56 we found him

Chapter- 57 kidnapped ..!

Chapter- 58 its you ?

Chapter- 59 the real culprit ..!!

Chapter- 60 coma

Chapter- 61 proposal

Chapter- 62 The end ..!


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