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Read My King and his Love  //Kim Taehyung// //fanfict// -

My King and his Love //Kim Taehyung// //fanfict//

Authors: ArmybtsKylie

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 20-03-2023

Status: Ongoing

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Y/n and her boyfriend jimin lead a peaceful teenage life.
But just one day on her 19 birthday she falls ill.

Taehyung a vampire king who is locked in a dark place for a over a hundred years waiting for his mate to save him. He has to wait till her 19th birthday. The only way to contact her is for him to send his soul.

without her he is trapped in there forever.

Long ago there was a man who fell in love with a woman. She was a vampire and he was a witch. His love for her was beyond explained.
She was not his mate so she found her mate and thought they would life happy but he was not going to let her go. He was the most powerful witch to ever exist.

So he cast a spell on all vampire even wolfs.
if a vampire or wolf is away from there mate they suffer a brutal pain and soon they will die if not by their mate within 7 years.

So he send him and her away from each other
for seven year till they die.

eventually they died a painful death.
A death without a mate.

The witch died and his revenge was full fulled.

New book!!