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Nicandro O'Neil (Book 5: A Mob Boss's Son)

Authors: royal888

Genre: Novels

Update: 30-08-2020

Status: Completed

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This is sequel to A Mob Boss's Dominance and Territory. This is a stand alone book in The New York Mafia Series. This is a teen fiction book with some action set in the 1990s.

Nicandro O'Neil (Lucky blue smith) is older brother of Nathan O'Neil . Both are the sons of an Irish mob boss is born in the 1980s...

Nicandro is in high school in the 1990s.... His father is Tristan O'Neil... He is heir to one of the most influential business empires in the world. He doesn't like the rules. He likes to make them. He rules his high school and no one dares challenge him ... until the day a new girl enrols at the school who does not know of his reputation. She is in for a shock when she meets the ruler and how the school is run by him.... O'Neils always win and get what they want. She needs to learn that soon...