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Online Chat Group

Authors: Revered_Sovereign

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 23-01-2023

Status: Ongoing

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Mc Kageyama Yuichi died due to a Lightening Strike and Travelled to a parallel world yeah the one mixed with anime characters and became a person having same name and face as his.

Though the difference couldn't be more as the body he transmigrated to was pathetically weak.

Find out what will happen when he got invited to an Online Chat Group that have members from different worlds.

A group chat filled with cold women or so he thought but

Why did these girls seemed very different from the original

More members will be revealed later in the story.

It's a fanfic and I don't own any characters except Mc.

Before the Chat Group System he's got another system as we can't have him weaker than the other chat group members do we.

Cover's not mine and if the original owner wants it to be removed I will remove it.