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Ours Highschool Life

Authors: meenah_amnah

Genre: Teen Fiction

Update: 15-11-2022

Status: Ongoing

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Anisa is a normal teenage girl who lives abroad with her parents, she's also sassy and is willing to stay out of trouble's way so long as it stays out of hers but what happens when her grandparents, a renown and well off family who own the great and prestigious young stars International, a school which only children of rich politicians and business tycoons can afford ask her to come back to her country, Nigeria and finish her high school.

How will life turn out for Anisa especially since she is willing to go back to California and continue her life as the carefree teenager that she is.

What will happen when her life gets entangled with a senior who is also one of the stars of YSI and at the same time with someone she met online.

Follow me on this amazing ride.