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Peter's Field Trip To Stark Industries

Authors: summer_fanfictionfan

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 02-01-2023

Status: Ongoing

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Midtown High School of Science and Technology manages to get a surprise field trip to the Avengers tower (also known as Stark Industries) and many of the students are exited and thrilled about it. Except for Peter Stark, who lives in the tower.

The idea of touring his own home and pretending to be interested is going to be a challenge for Peter. Especially since he is trying to hide the secret of his true family and his identity. But when the Avengers decide to intervein in the tour just to annoy and embarrass Peter it becomes more and more difficult.

All hell breaks lose and Peter's world begins to crumble from beneath him due to this nightmare.

Can Peter successfully pull off pretending to just be an intern at Stark industries? And can he handle the pressure?

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*Disclaimer! I don't own marvel or any of the characters!
*Also the cover of the book isn't mine and I taks ZERO credit for it! The credit does to the amazing artist!

*Please note that this is only a first draft not a final one.

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