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Ruby Academy: School of Legends

Authors: AniLover29

Genre: Teen Fiction

Update: 07-02-2023

Status: Ongoing

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Hello guys! So first of all, sorry bcuz I haven't posted the next chapter of Yumeiro Princesses and Princes. Here is a new story!!! I hope you will like this one!!! This story is also taglish

Short Info about Ruby Academy:

Ruby academy is an academy where nobles or royalties as others call them, study. The heirs of powerful and legendary families attend this school. Ang ruby academy ay isa sa mga pinaka noble na academy sa mundo. There are 4 Maisons in this academy, the Carmen Lucia Ruby, the Sunshine Ruby, the Garrad's Red Ruby, and the DeLong Star Ruby. The students from the Carmen Lucia Ruby are called as Carmenians, Sunshine Ruby students as Sunshineans, Garrad's Red Ruby as Garradians and DeLong Star Ruby as Starians. The Carmenians are the lowest of the Social Hierachy of the academy, sila ang mga students na hindi afford ang full payment sa Ruby academy in other words they are the Scholars, they got in through sponsorships from powerful families and some because they are smart and got in by their brain. Next are the Sunshineans, the 3rd in the Social Hierachy, they are the students whose families ay kasama sa top families, top 30 and below. Next are the Garradians, the 2nd in the Social Hierachy, sila naman yung mga students na heirs and heiresses of the families from top 10 and below, they are powerful families but not as powerful as the Starnians. Finally the Starnians also known as the DeLongnians, they are the heirs and heiresses from the top of the top most powerful and wealthiest families in the world. Garradians are also known as the guardians of the Starnians as they also help and support the Starnians. Whilst the Starnians are known as the Guardians of the Spark, they protect the Ruby Academy with all their might......meron ding secret ang Starnians at Garradians na hindi alam ng Sunshineans and Carmenians. Ano kaya toh?

Lets follow the journey of Arianne (the Castillo Heiress) and Alexander (the Gonzales Heir) in this Academy!