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Safe Haven

Authors: missinconfident

Genre: New Adult

Update: 22-01-2023

Status: Ongoing

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"The only trouble that I would tolerate is the trouble that you bring"


Most love stories start with a romantic-cliche start. A meeting in the library, a chance encounter at school or even a crosswalk in a busy road but this story would have a different start-- A half naked girl to be exact.

Isabella is a shut in. She's basically a modern vampire, she's rich, sleeps in every morning, afraid of light and runs on one type of liquid--coffee. Isabella wanted to have her own space so she moved out of their million dollar home. Little did she know that her goal in achieving a quiet life would soon be ruined by her true self.

Shawn is a nerd. That's basically what he is. Black haired guy with black eyes plus the black thick rimmed glasses. He likes to study, he doesn't have a wide social circle nor a number of contacts on his phone aside from his sister. He likes to watch cat videos and danger also happens to follow him quite closely.

Two similar people with huge differences, can they even get along?

Would Isabella finally let a dim light enter her room of darkness?

Can Shawn accept fatal flaws and sacrifice everything just for his own selfish desires?



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