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Smokestar's Clan

Authors: XxAmberleaf

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 10-01-2023

Status: Ongoing

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'Darkest night will rise between cracks amongst friends, blinding those who turn to face it.'
Smokestar knew that, as a leader, he could sacrifice himself for his Clan without dying. What he didn't account for was the enemies taking his body as a celebration of their victory.
Smokestar, now a prisoner to strange cats calling themselves WolfClan, must take the name Smoky and, for as long as he can, hide any remaining loyalty to BerryClan before both Clans fall.

A Warrior Cats fanfiction featuring my own OCs, and set in my own Clans.
There isn't really anything inappropriate on here, however four cats will die.

This is currently being copied-and-pasted from my BlogClan Google doc.