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Somewhere in Barcelona

Authors: yheeeenn

Genre: Teen Fiction

Update: 26-12-2022

Status: Ongoing

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Callista and Raegan is very different from each other. Callista came from a wealthy family. Everything she wants, she also gets. But she grew up lacking love from her family. She grew up alone and not close to her family.

She does everything for her family. She always does her best to make her father proud of her. But it's still not enough. While Raegan is always in the spotlight. Everyone is focused on him. His chosen career was also going well, but later he thought that he was not happy with his life anymore because the people around him were too controlling. And He wanted to get rid of them and he wanted to follow the desires of his heart so he thought of going to Spain to find himself. But in his search for his own happiness, did he find the woman who would complete him?

What will happen when their paths meet?Will they find true happiness in each other's company? Or Will they just be part of each other's lives to be hurt and be part of the past? Love is a beautiful kind of fear. So don't be afraid to try.

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