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Read ☁️Stormy🌩️|| K-Pop styled Story -

☁️Stormy🌩️|| K-Pop styled Story

Authors: Urula_Saturn

Genre: Novels

Update: 19-01-2023

Status: Ongoing

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This is another one of my Y/N x no particular person at all because I have story ideas that I wanna express in this form!

This is a Male Y/N story as I really can't find that many good ones and it's alot easier for me to write about! Okay, here's your story description:

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Y/N is an upcoming idol, however when placed into his new group he discovers the struggles of being a full time artist. His trainee days are over, and so are all of his hopes of romance, but maybe friendship is a good option?

-User Interactive!-

Choose the story! You can decide who you want to choose to drive the story forward! I'll be consistent this time because I have a whole bunch of free time!!!

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