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Tadano-kun can't Communicate (Komi-san can't Communicate AU)

Authors: Horeno_21

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 08-12-2022

Status: Ongoing

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a Komi-san can't Communicate AU where Tadano is the one who can't Communicate instead of Komi. (get it?)
Komi-san can't Communicate characters and story plot isn't mine, it all belongs to Tomohito Oda!
This au is just a role swapped thing, more like an idea au and nothing much changed (Literally. but spoiler alert, just a little bit. Tadano and Komi had few things in their life switch in this also)
the Cover Picture is changed yet again. It's from the 2nd episode, season 1 but I edited it.
I haven't read the manga so everything on the anime are the only things written here right now.
Broken English and grammar errors may be seen as you read so feel free to point it out.


Communication 01: "I want to talk."

Communication 02: "We're Childhood Friends."

Communication 03: "He's not a Assassin."

Communication 04: "His first errand."

Communication 05: "Agari's nervousness."

Communication 06: "The cellphone."

Communication 07: "Class President Election."

Communication 08: "Accidentally call."

Communication 09: "Saitou."

Communication 10: "Physical Exam."

Communication 11: "Love."

Communication 12: "My Summer Uniform."

Communication 13: "Fitness Test."

Communication 14: "Ramen Shop."

Communication 15: "Blood pact."

Communication 16: "Jokes."

Communication 17: "Shopping."

Communication 18: "Beauty Salon."

Communication 19: "Worries and Doubts."

Communication 20: "Studying for tests."

Communication 21: "Summer Vacation."

Communication 22: "The Pool."

Communication 23: "Shaved Ice."

Communication 24: "The Library."

Communication 25: "The Park."

Communication 26: "Obon Festival."

Communication 27: "Summer Festival."

Communication 28: "Summer Vacation Is Over."

Communication 29: "A Country Girl."

Communication 30: "Video Games."

Communication 31: "Doing Part-Time Work."

Communication 32: "Something on Your Face."

Communication 33: "Sports Festival."

Communication 34: "Emotional Pangs."

Communication 35: "Print Sticker."

Communication 36: "Performance for the Culture Festival."

Communication 37: "Culture Festival Preparations."

Communication 38: "Distributing Flyers."

Communication 39: "Cuture Festival Eve."

Communication 40: "Maids."

Communication 41: "The School Culture Festival."

Communication 42: "Festival Closing Night."

Communication 43: "Celebration Party."

Communication 44: "Winter Arrives."

Communication 45: "The Story of a Delinquent."

Communication 46: "Studying at Nakanaka's House."

Communication 47: "Final Exam."

Communication 48: "Typhoon."

Communication 49: "Fantasies."

Communication 50: "Cat Cafe."

Communication 51: " "I love you" game."

Communication 52: "Feelings."

Communication 53: "Fantasies Part 2."

Communication 54: "Invitation to lunch."

Communication 55: "Roasted Potatoes."

Communication 56: "Merry Christmas..."

Communication 57: "Snowmen."

Communication 58: "Snowball Fight."