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The Alpha's Only Daughter

Authors: __chuckyou__

Genre: Werewolf

Update: 28-06-2020

Status: Completed

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Blair Lucia Mason is 17 years old werewolf. She is outgoing, fearless and the daughter of a powerful alpha, Blane Mason of the Shadow Howlers Pack. A daughter with alpha blood is very rare and dangerous, but Alpha daughter's make the pack stronger. When Blair was born her dad Blane made sure the pack became stronger than they've ever been to prevent her from getting hurt from pack rivals or rouges. But what happens when she meets her mate, Reese Elswood who is merciless, and a total player and he is the Alpha of the Dusk Howlers Pack. Her dad's archenemy. Their two worlds collide when they meet. Would it be for the good or the bad?

Cover by: mccallmedan