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The Awaiting Bride

Authors: Hafsa_Sabih

Genre: Spiritual

Update: 13-03-2021

Status: Completed

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The sky was painted dark.Very Dark with no bright stars.A gush of wind swirled past us making me inhale softly.The large man besides me leaned against the iron railing.His eyes fixed ahead of us as if seeing something that I couldn't. A lone tear slid down my cheek as I brushed it off rather harshly.Finding my voice I spoke softly remembering a distinct and beautiful memory,

"After you left I once asked Mama when you would come back.She stayed silent for a minute and then she answered that when you'll miss me you'll be back"

Another tear rolled down my cheek and this time I didn't brush it.My light brown eyes stared at his handsome face, seeing him look down at this hands.His face constricting into something I could not decipher.

"And I was a fool to believe her that day because now I know I was the only one waiting. "

My words were bitter but I whispered softly. Turning around I left leaving the man to his own thoughts.
I loved and now I've lost myself in the lands of love.
From a very young age Shahwar Nawaz Khan has heard only one name.Her groom's name.Salah Khan's name.And since then she has loved him unconditionally.But not all golden dreams come true.
Little did Shahwar know that when her world will collide with the one she has loved, her life will turn upside down.Fighting a battle with fire in which she herself had to burn.
A story that will take you to a roller coaster ride of emotions and to the land of love.So get ready with a box of tissue papers.

Spiritual# 8 -29th Sep 2020
Spiritual# 4 -27th Sep 2020
Spiritual# 5- 4th Oct 2020
Spiritual# 6- 5th Oct 2020
Spiritual# 5- 29th Nov 2020
Spiritual# 2- 30th Nov 2020