Read The Bad Boys' Soft Boys' Lonely Hearts Club - The Full Package -

The Bad Boys' Soft Boys' Lonely Hearts Club - The Full Package

Authors: Sam_le_fou

Genre: Humor

Update: 29-10-2022

Status: Completed

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Four bad boys, Ayden, Hayden, Brayden, and Okayden, try to form a school club to learn how to fight their bad boy instincts, or succumb to cliches trying.


When Ayden's six-pack appeared when he was nine, he realized that he was born to be a bad boy.

Far for embracing it, he has dedicated his whole life to avoid every cliche in the book, from girls with mysterious pasts stumbling into him in the hallways, to always changing schools to be the "mysterious new kid," to ancient beings asking him to be a chosen one every other day.

But a fated encounter with the captain of the football team makes him realized that he is not the only one cursed with being a bad boy. There are others like him.

Alone, they are weak. Together, they are strong. Sort of.

With the mission to finding others cursed with being bad boys, Ayden and his new friends will work together to make a school club where they can help each other avoid the trappings of cliche and finish the school year unscathed.

That is, if they can convince the student council president to let them form the club in the first place.


Cover by @Feralshadow


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the brayden chapter wrote by me: brayden messina-park

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