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Read The Black Cat [Detective Conan] -

The Black Cat [Detective Conan]

Authors: plume-de-feu-english

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 22-02-2023

Status: Ongoing

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Ishida Hayato, 17, a student at Teitan High School, sets out to find the famous detective Shinichi Kudo after his mysterious disappearance.
Why did he disappear when he always showed up when he was solving a case? the media seems to have died down, and the high school student no longer appears. So he plans to do some research. He approaches Ran, to ask about her. Doubt creeps into his mind, he finds it suspicious that Conan arrives right after Shinichi's disappearance, and just as strange that Detective Mouri becomes famous, right after Conan appears by his side. Taken by curiosity, he tries to approach him. Serious mistake, he ends up in the hands of the Organization ...


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Translated by @_Kaishin1412_ (Thank you ✨!)
The original story is in French here :