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The Chronicles of Annora

Authors: Book_Fangirl_13

Genre: General Fiction

Update: 23-11-2022

Status: Ongoing

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A fourteen year old girl from the realm of Annora wants to figure out the truth behind her mysterious past. She is made the princess but she doesn't want that life. She starts seeing visions about prophecies and war. She becomes a female leader of the warriors of Annora and she goes to battle against the evil Nyxalderians. Then she figures out she's a Selenian, a prophetess with powers, said to be a messenger of the gods. She allies with Arawn of Annora who is a Selenian who can control darkness and Evander of the land of Medeastora who can manipulate illusion. Together they must unite the nations, find the truth about their pasts, uncover the unknown secrets of a cursed enchanted weapon, and find what caused the Selenians to be lost and forgotten millennia ago.
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