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The Espionage

Authors: 11Directions

Genre: Teen Fiction

Update: 28-05-2023

Status: Ongoing

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When Amanda Parker Lands a job at Oz Corp. One of the world's Largest, Most Powerful Law Firms.

All she wanted to do was jumpstart her career as a lawyer

What she didn't plan on happening is her boss's Arrogant, Conceited, drop-dead Gorgeous Son, Phillip being her team Leader.

He's demanding, Unapologetic and takes a weird Interest in her, and she hates it. She also Hates Him, at least she thinks she does.

But Everything in their world gets Chaotic

When Phillip is Framed for the Murder of his Father By the forces of Russian Spies, and she's the only one That can prove his innocence .

(Story Contains Mature Content)