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Read The Exception That Proves The Rule -

The Exception That Proves The Rule

Authors: kcfarrah

Genre: Chicklit

Update: 12-05-2020

Status: Ongoing

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What does it take to live with a divided heart?

Cleo Twain is sure she has found the answer.

It takes rules.

It takes keeping the thoughts of what could have been separate from the path she chose. It takes putting aside past dreams of bohemian escapades with Wolfe for a solid paycheck and a stable home with Griffin.

Okay, so what if every now and then, she makes an exception? She can indulge in a few nostalgic emails with Wolfe, because her days and nights are anchored in a good life with Griffin.

She's learned to forgive herself for the stolen moments, getting back on track every time she slips.

Because in the real world, her troubled former best friend and her super-solid fiancé do not cross wires. In her brain, or in her heart.

Wolfe and the creativity he inspired within her is a dear part of her past, but her future belongs to Griffin--the best man she knows.

Until Wolfe writes a novel about Cleo that is not so easily compartmentalized, causing Griffin to doubt the foundation he's built with her.

Just when Cleo's rules are needed more than ever, Wolfe suffers a severe bipolar episode and Cleo can't bring herself to abandon him.

Through his vulnerability, she rediscovers the tender beauty of her own soul.

Sometimes, the exceptions to the rules become the most exceptional part of your life.