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The Grand Journey (Rewrite)

Authors: Supernova121

Genre: Adventure

Update: 04-12-2022

Status: Ongoing

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This is a rewrite of the story The Grand Journey as the character will be someone from a world that is similar to ours, as this is a story that both me and my cousin will be working on together. You could also say that this story is sort of like my Pokémon Legends Arceus story but it'll be different, and yes Arceus will give him options of Pokémon.



Entering The World of Pokémon Every Child's Dream

The World of Pokémon

Adjusting to The New Life

The New Pokémon and New Assistant

Keenan's First Task Pt.1

Keenan's First Task Pt.2

The Battle in The Volcano

Back at Kanto

Onto The Unova Region

New Captures and Aura User

The New Pokémon Dome

Keenan's Progress

Meeting The Princess of Viridian City

Latios The Eon Dragon

The Hardened Shelgon

Entering The Kalos Region

The Gym Leader Viola and Idol

Keenan's First Gym Battle and New Rivalry

The Secret's Out

Keenan The Prodigy

Galar Expedition Pt.1

Galar Expedition Pt.2

Off To Sinnoh

Gyomei's Power

The Grave In Paradise

Alone Time With Chloe

The Mysterious White Riolu

A Rival's Reunion

The Return of Rizevim Pt.1

The Return of Rizevim Pt.2

Future Previews

Adventure in Kanto and Alpha

Misty's Visit

The Electrifying Gym

An Electrifying Result

Uncle Tobias

Shiny Beast of Wind

Iron Island Adventure

A Gift From Someone and A Third Rival

New Rival Arrvies

Keenan's Mission and A Shocking Revelation

Keenan's Adventure in Kalos Spheal's Development

Keenan's Adventure in Kalos Meeting Korrina

Shalour Gym Showdown

New Captures Here and There...Korrina's New Crush

Chloe's Big Surprise

Alola Here We Come

Family Vacation Pt.1

Family Vacation Pt.2

Family Vacation Final

Small Future Teaser's

Turning Up the Heat

Danger's of The Orbs

Healing and New Evolutions

Battle of Hatred

Keenan's and Chloe's Alola Trip

Keenan's "Grandmother" of The Pokémon World

Snowpoint City Troubles Pt.1

Snowpoint City Trouble's Pt.2

The Colossal Aftermath

The Final Gym Battle Pt.1

The Final Gym Battle Pt.2

Keenan's Birthday Party Pt.1

Keenan's Birthday Party Pt.2

Tobias vs Keenan, Battle of Growth

Hanging With The Hoenn Champion

Welcome To Fatherhood

Tatsumi's Time To Shine

Johto League Conclusion Pt.1

Johto League Conclusion Pt.2

Calm Before The Storm

The Sinnoh League Rumble

Brain's vs Stupidity

Semi Final Opponent Maiden of Fire

Johto's Maiden of Fire vs Mysterious Prodigy Pt.1

Johto's Maiden of Fire vs Mysterious Prodigy Pt.2

Johto's Maiden of Fire vs Mysterious Prodigy Final

Intermission Before The Finals

The Legendary Battle Pt.1

The Legendary Battle Pt.2

The Legendary Battle Finale

Award's Ceremony


New Future Previews

After League Clarity

3 Idiots In A House and Battle Start

Backed Into A Corner

The Ever So Obvious Conclusion

Welcome Back To The Beautiful Paradise

Nightmare Tapu Koko

Alolan Beach Relaxation

What Takuto Battle's Goh Who Will Win

3 Way Split

The New Orb Mission

Titan of Iron Metagross