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The Safe Haven | The Maze Runner Thomas x Reader

Authors: piedpiper134340

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 25-11-2022

Status: Ongoing

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An island. A scientist. A boy with magic blood.

After the scorch and the flare tore her life apart, estranging her from her mother and forcing her into a life spent in underground laboratories, Y/n is left with nobody, nothing and nowhere to go. The Last City is nothing but a heap of smoke and rubble, but whispers of somewhere new creep to life. Somewhere safe.

If you had the choice between safety and saving the lives of hundreds, which would you choose?
If your heart was on the line, would it make a difference?

ⓒ 2022


This story is set after the final maze runner book/movie, and follows on from these events.

I do not own any characters in this story, except for the female protagonist. All other characters and the world belong to James Dashner.
All storylines are mine, however, and overlaps with other works of fiction are not intentional and are coincidences.

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