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Read The Stars Can't Help you Anymore Pantalone x Male Reader -

The Stars Can't Help you Anymore Pantalone x Male Reader

Authors: PurpleMushrom

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 31-12-2022

Status: Ongoing

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"The stars will always help you find your way home Y/n remember that."

"You will never be alone if the stars are visible."

"The stars will comfort you all the way home."

But now he couldn't reckoning the stars. They looked so different. They looked at him with such a vibrant look unlike any other thing. Were they even stars or was it all a lie. Was he told a lie every since he was young.

Instead of being pulled home the stars pull him to a safe spot. A safe spot away from the Fatui. A safe spot from the regret of betraying his nation.

A safe spot away from the 9th Fatui Harbinger who would be looking to apprehend him yet again.
Growing up in Sneznaya was a blessings in itself. A lot of the times schools close due to the snow and you often were born to business merchants and former Fatui agents who were compensated by the Tsrasita for necessary living expensive.

Well what about the poor citizens of the nation? What was it like to live in a small town instead of a big city?

To answer their question they lived in poverty. They grew hungry and cold every night. And even with a harsh life you were still tracked by the Fatui to pay taxes and repay back debt that you may had.

So Y/n ran away from the nation. He didn't want to grow cold and hungry every night. He didn't want to be held prisoner in the Fatui's headquarters because his parents couldn't pay back their debt.

But oh how he regrets it now.
You can also find a different version of this story on my ao3 acount I plan to have a different plot of how things could go so if you like this version feel free to check out the story on ao3.

The title is the same and my username is PurpleMushroom1586
This is a male reader instert btw