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The Vampire's Pet

Authors: poltergeist_people

Genre: Vampire

Update: 16-01-2021

Status: Completed

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this story contains adult content!!!! read at own risk.

I glared at the vampire before me, pressing myself against the bars of my 'cage' before dropping the glare and offering him my sweetest grin, "once I get out of her I'm going to kill alllll of you!" I swept my arms out wide, my grin turning feral, "I'm going to rip out all of your throats and see how you like your blood being drained from your neck."
The vampire flashed his fangs at me in an equally menacing grin, "you can try that all you want, after the auction."
I was tempted to spit in his face but I really did not want to be whipped...again.

~~~ Calla, an 18 year old human girl has always lived her life on the run, but was captured by vampires and forced into auction at a high end 'pet shop' where any wealthy vampire can buy her and proceed to do as they please until they decide to kill her. Pessimistic, rude, and short fused Calla is one hell of a handful, one most vampier's don't want to bother with...until him.

in case you were curious this isn't labeled Mature on the wattpad rating thing because it won't let me change my fucking maturity thing.



Ch 1: Auction.

Ch 2: New Home

Ch 3: Goodnight

Ch 4: Why?

Ch 5: Tea

Ch 6: Jewelry

Ch 7: Ah that.

Ch 8: Only Time Will Tell

Ch 9: Gown

Ch 10: Drink Me.

Ch 11: Dudes and Dresses

Ch 12: Got it.

Ch 13: Monster.

Ch 14: What I Want.

Ch 15: Another Imperfection.

Ch 16: Obedient

Ch 17: Not Drunk Enough.

Ch 18: Damn Him That Bipolar Drunk.

Ch 19: The Quiet Game

Ch 20: Play Time

Ch 21: Prize

Ch 22: Boring Prudish Women

Ch 23: Bad Boy

Ch 24: Everything I Wanted

Ch 25: A Kings Son

Ch 26: Lets Have Sex

Ch 27: Cookies

Ch 28: Not a Word

Ch 29: Calla Lily

Ch 30: Our Little Secret

Ch 31: Ashes

Ch 32: One of Those Moments

Ch 33: Unwittingly

Ch 34: First Step.

Ch 35: ...I am Going to Punch You

Ch 36: Night Terrors

Ch 37: Dinner

Ch 38: You are so Going to Eat Those Words.

Ch 39: You Loooveee Her!!

Ch 40: It's Kind of a Big Topic.

Ch 41: Better in the Long Run.

Ch 42: Three Days Time

Ch 43: Teach me What I Need to Know

Ch 44: Chess

Ch 45: Death Grip

Ch 46: Holy Shit.

Ch 47: Secrets

Ch 48: Falling in Love

Ch 49: This Isn't my Kind of Game.

Ch 50: Fix This Fuck up.

Ch 51: Hypothetically

Ch 52: Five Minutes

Ch 53: I Would Wait Forever

Ch 54: Perfect Flower

Ch 55: Worries, Wants, Needs, Fears, and Nerves

Ch 56: I'll Live Forever

Ch 57: Open Your Eyes

Ch 58: Maybe

Ch 59: Nothing

Ch 60: Make a Visit.

Ch 61: A Bright Side to Everything

Ch 62: Strawberries and Champagne

Ch 63: Taste of Freedom

Ch 64: Waffles

Ch 65: Everything

Ch 66: A Wizard?

Ch 67: How Much?

Ch 68: I'm Yours.

Ch 69: You Hungry?

Ch 70: Drug.

Ch 71: Laugh

Ch 72: High Treason!

Ch 73: Jealous.

Ch 74: Just Gay and Less Deadly.

Ch 75: The History of the Calla Lily

Ch 76: I'm Going to Make This Last Forever.

Ch 77: A Chance

Ch 78: Do you Know how Vampires are Made?

Ch 79: The Best Way to Kill a Mood.

Ch 80: Only a Day.

Ch 81: I Love you Calla.

Ch 82: Wide Eyed and Terrified.

Ch 83: Calla Dawson