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The Woods

Authors: DepressedKitty07

Genre: Teen Fiction

Update: 24-01-2023

Status: Ongoing

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Two boys, each different from the other, one struggling to survive while the other one thrives.

Kacey Lovelace, a senior at Chestnut High School the school of the Bears, is a 17-year-old pushing his way through the fiery depths of school and his home as well as coming to terms with possibly being Gay maybe he's still in the closet.

Blake Anderson, yeah a typical bad boy getting into fights, getting suspended you know that sought of thing but what happens when these two see each other at school? Will those summer feelings come back to Kacey, forcing him to push them down as far as possible because he just isn't gay, end of story

A coming out of the closet story full of confusion and being ashamed of your sexuality