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Tied to you

Authors: another_bookworm_

Genre: Spiritual

Update: 11-09-2017

Status: Ongoing

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what would you do if you have no other choice but to marry someone your beloved one chooses? against your wish? and you can't refuse to it! if you are tied to someone for the rest of your life against your will!

"i'm fine with you marrying me, but you have to promise me one thing" he said in a stern voice.

"what?"i asked just above a whisper.

"you will take care of my sister just like a mother"

jannat elamin had her life planned out, graduate from a reputed engineering college to follow in her father's foot steps, work and make her father proud and well that's all. marriage was something on her never-to do list.

aabid hamadi is a broken man. he had everything except love in his life. he lost his family's love at the age of 20 and was left to parent his 2 year old sister along with the responsibility of his father's huge company. he had cut ties with most of his family left save for a few cousins and his favorite uncle mustafa elamin.

seeing aabid's condition, mustafa, the proud father of two children, jannat and jihan, arranges his second daughter jannat's life with his.

despite both wanting to refuse, they cannot. aabid for the sake of his baby sister and his dear uncle, jannat, for not wanting to disappoint her father.

will this chemistry work? since both are on hating terms since childhood. the only thing holding them together is little ilham.