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Tom Holland and Peter Parker one-shots 2.0

Authors: Em3698

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 15-09-2021

Status: Completed

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Here it is, loves, the second book! Just the same as the last one, a book full of one-shots about Tom Holland and Peter Parker! I add chapters as often as I can, so I hope that you enjoy them! If you're new to my page, please consider checking out my first one-shot book and please considering subscribing! Hope you enjoy! Xoxo


Fuckboy Holland *part 1, SMUT* (Tom Holland)

Fuckboy Holland *part 2, SMUT* (Tom Holland)

Fuckboy Holland *final part* (Tom Holland)

"All it took was a snap of his fingers" (Peter Parker)

The other guy *part 1* (Tom Holland)

The other guy *part 2* (Tom Holland)

The other guy *part 3* (Tom Holland)

The other guy *final part, SMUT* (Tom Holland)

Two teenagers, one bed *SMUT* (Peter Parker)

Fanfiction fan (Tom Holland)

Date gone wrong (Peter Parker)

Webcam sex *part 2, SMUT* (Peter Parker)

Clingy partners (Tom Holland)

The school attack (Peter Parker)

The party (Peter Parker)

PTSD (Peter Parker)

Cute, couply things (Peter Parker)

SpiderWoman (Peter Parker)

Stark and Barton, together forever (Peter Parker)

New girl *part 1, SMUT* (Tom Holland)

New girl *part 2* (Tom Holland)

Bruises (Tom Holland)

Older guy (Tom Holland)

Love to hate (Peter Parker)

Photography lessons *part 1* (Tom Holland)

Photography lessons *part 2* (Tom Holland)

What he sees when he sees me (Peter Parker)

Misunderstandings (Tom Holland)

The birthday (Peter Parker)

Levi *part 1* (Peter Parker)

Levi *part 2* (Peter Parker)

Partners in crime *SMUT* (Bonnie and Clyde!AU, Tom Holland)

The Spider-Man kiss (Peter Parker)

Bad patrols (Peter Parker)

Emotionless (Tom Holland)

The necklace (Peter Parker)

The choreographer *SMUT* (Peter Parker)

Beautiful girl (Tom Holland)

The goddess of mischief (Peter Parker)

Swapped roles (Peter Parker)

A crush on Spider-Man (Peter Parker)

High school sweethearts (Tom Holland)

The Oscars (Tom Holland)

Sex at the back of a cinema *SMUT* (Tom Holland)

Heather *part 1* (Peter Parker)

Heather *part 2* (Peter Parker)

Prank wars *part 2* (Tom Holland)

Prank wars *part 3* (Tom Holland)

Punishment *part 2, SMUT* (Mob boss!AU, Tom Holland)

Childhood friends (Mob boss!AU, Tom Holland)

From enemies to friends *part 1* (Tom Holland)

From enemies to friends *part 2* (Tom Holland)

From enemies to friends *final part, SMUT* (Tom Holland)

Employee retreat (Peter Parker)

Hades and his wife (Tom Holland)

Zendaya *part 1* (Tom Holland)

Zendaya *part 2* (Tom Holland)

Daddy's lil' monster (Joker and Harley Quinn!AU, Tom Holland)

The dance *SMUT* (Tom Holland)

Bra-less *SMUT* (Tom Holland)

The contract *part 1* (Mob boss!AU, Tom Holland)

The contract *part 2* (Mob boss!AU, Tom Holland)

The contract *part 3, SMUT* (Mob boss!AU, Tom Holland)

The contract *final part* (Mob boss!AU, Tom Holland)

Mix-ups *SMUT* (Tom Holland)

Grand gesture (Tom Holland)

The cancelled date (Peter Parker)

When one thing leads to another *SMUT* (Tom Holland)

Tom's girl (Mob boss!AU, Tom Holland)

The everyday affair (Peter Parker)

Criminal minds (Criminal minds!AU, Peter Parker)

The robot girl (Peter Parker)

Into the Spider-Verse (Peter Parker)

The TikTok trend *SMUT* (Tom Holland)

Interviews (Tom Holland)

The actress (Tom Holland)

Professor Holland *SMUT* (Tom Holland)

Proposals (Peter Parker)

The child *part 1* (Tom Holland)

The child *part 2* (Tom Holland)

Dom Tom *SMUT* (Tom Holland)

Flowers (Soulmate!AU, Peter Parker)

WandaVision (Tom Holland)

Villains (Peter Parker)

Harrison's little sister *part 1, SMUT* (Tom Holland)

Harrison's little sister *part 2* (Tom Holland)

Thirst tweets and games (Tom Holland)

Harrison's new girlfriend (Tom Holland and Harrison Osterfield)

Boys (Tom Holland and Harrison Osterfield)

All the way *SMUT* (Peter Parker)

Insomnia (Tom Holland)

The drummer (Tom Holland)

Coming home (Arvin Russell)

Jealous (Mob boss!AU, Tom Holland)

Married man *part 1* (Tom Holland)

Married man *part 2, SMUT* (Tom Holland)

Under the table *SMUT* (Tom Holland)

Awkward encounters *SMUT* (Peter Parker)

Werewolves and vampires *SMUT* (Tom Holland)

Lies in the gym (Peter Parker)

Sugar daddy *SMUT* (Tom Holland)

The nightclub owner *part 1, SMUT* (Tom Holland)

The nightclub owner *part 2* (Tom Holland)

The nightclub owner *final part* (Tom Holland)

The decoy kiss *SMUT* (Peter Parker)

London boy (Tom Holland)

The mystery man (Tom Holland)

"What about us?" *SMUT* (Tom Holland and Harrison Osterfield)

Fanboy interactions *part 1* (Peter Parker)

Fanboy interactions *part 2, SMUT* (Peter Parker)

Cuts and bruises (Soulmates!AU, Peter Parker)

The nephew (Tom Holland)

Locked out (Tom Holland)

Jealousy and thirst tweets (Tom Holland)

Homesick (Tom Holland)

Monster (Peter Parker)

The zoom call *SMUT* (Tom Holland)

Sick (Tom Holland)

The new girl (Tom Holland)

Misunderstandings *alternative ending* (Tom Holland)

The maid *SMUT* (Mob boss!AU, Tom Holland)

Beach body (Tom Holland)

Black and white (Soulmates!AU, Peter Parker)

The female boss (Mob boss!AU, Tom Holland)

Clingy (Tom Holland)

Loki's best friend (Peter Parker)

Dominant *SMUT* (Peter Parker)

Soda *SMUT* (Peter Parker)

Play fighting (Tom Holland)

Knife play *part 1, SMUT* (Mob boss!AU, Tom Holland)

Knife play *part 2, SMUT* (Mob boss!AU, Tom Holland)

The girl group (Tom Holland)

The silent treatment (Tom Holland)

Matching tattoos (Tom Holland)

Two girls, one guy *part 1, SMUT* (Tom Holland and Zendaya)

Two girls, one guy *part 2, SMUT* (Tom Holland and Zendaya)

The game ranger *part 1* (Tom Holland)

The game ranger *part 2* (Tom Holland)

The family holiday (Tom Holland)

The honeymoon phase (Tom Holland)

The sex scene *SMUT* (Tom Holland)

The battle of Hogwarts (Harry Potter!AU, Tom Holland)

The singer (Tom Holland)

The death scene (Tom Holland)

Nervous boy (Tom Holland)

The high school feud *SMUT* (Tom Holland)

Love and monsters (Tom Holland)

Hostage situation (Mob boss!AU, Tom Holland)

The new girl and the stoner *part 1, SMUT* (Tom Holland)

The new girl and the stoner *part 2, SMUT* (Tom Holland)

Long-distance (Tom Holland)

Shoulder to cry on (Peter Parker)

Submissive *SMUT* (Peter Parker)

Broken promises *part 1* (Mob boss!AU, Tom Holland)

Broken promises *part 2* (Mob boss!AU, Tom Holland)

HYDRA'S best agent *part 1* (Peter Parker)

HYDRA'S best agent *part 2* (Peter Parker)

HYDRA'S best agent *part 3* (Peter Parker)

HYDRA'S best agent *final part* (Peter Parker)

That way (Tom Holland)

Over-thinking (Husband / dad!AU, Tom Holland)

The new girlfriend (Peter Parker)

Personal pleasure *SMUT* (Tom Holland)

Sweet boy (Tom Holland)

The guy at the bar *part 1, SMUT* (Mob boss!AU, Tom Holland)

The guy at the bar *part 2* (Mob boss!AU, Tom Holland)

The guy at the bar *final part* (Mob boss!AU, Tom Holland)

Singing (Tom Holland)

Those three simple words (Tom Holland)

The phone call *SMUT* (Tom Holland)

Hidden gem (Mob boss!AU, Tom Holland)

Graduation (Tom Holland)

The first time *SMUT* (Tom Holland)

The boss' son *SMUT* (Tom Holland)

Morning wood *SMUT* (Tom Holland)

Forgotten birthday (Peter Parker)

Ace (Tom Holland)

Actually me (Tom Holland)

Prague *SMUT* (Peter Parker)

The week (Peter Parker)

The nurse and the actor (Tom Holland)

RDJ's daughter *SMUT* (Tom Holland)

The twins' best friend (Harry Potter!AU, Tom Holland)

Hidden feelings (Peter Parker)

Edging and teasing *SMUT* (Tom Holland)

Anxiety (Tom Holland)

The broken leg *part 1* (Tom Holland)

The football rivalry *SMUT* (Tom Holland)

Accident (Tom Holland)

Dust *part 1* (Peter Parker)

Dust *part 2* (Peter Parker)

The sick partner *SMUT* (Tom Holland)

Arguments and fights (Peter Parker)

Blind (Tom Holland)

Sweet, southern girl *SMUT* (Arvin Russell)

New father (Tom Holland)

Broken heart (Peter Parker)

Viagra *SMUT* (Peter Parker)

Red room *SMUT* (Mob boss!AU, Tom Holland)

This is the end...again