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『Under the willow tree』[Hanako-kun x reader]

Authors: MRBraRuby

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 26-01-2023

Status: Ongoing

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『 I'll always love you, but I know you won't 』
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Amane Yugi a student in Kamone Gakuen, Best friends with Nene Yashiro, and Older brother to his missing twin Tsukasa

"Have you heard of Seven mysteries in the school? Well, I'll tell you one of them. The most well known. The Seventh mystery Tsubaki of the Willow Tree. Her willow tree is in the old school yard at the back, that's where the magic happens, but nobody actually knows what happens at the willow tree. That's what makes it so interesting, right?"

I'll be using the name Tsubaki as the wonder name and (Y/N) as your human name cuz Tsubaki is a type of flower and it fits to the story later on
Inspired by one of montaru's Hanako-kun x reader oneshot book so go and follow them
Art by me but it's basically traced from official hanako kun art so ye and the character I replaced hanako is what I imagine myself in the story

Started - [2-6-2021]
Ended -[00-00-00]

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