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[Unfinished.]PHOTOGENIC LOVER ♡ Tommyinnit X MALEReader

Authors: MrMans12

Genre: New Adult

Update: 15-10-2022

Status: Completed

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I'd look back at him, and he'd turn away red faced. When I'd caught him again, I chuckled to myself. "Take a photo it'll last longer,"

"C-Can I?"

"Pardon ?"

A story in which a delinquent with a hidden passion for photography meets his perfect model, or lover.

This is an x MALE Reader, the male in this book uses he/him.
This book will NOT include smut, Tommy is not comfortable with that and that would be disgusting. There will be angst, trigger warnings will be said at the start of certain chapters.

If Tommy is uncomfortable with these kind of books, I will unpublish respectfully.

Happy reading :)
- Jacks

♡Started - 23 March 2022
♡Finished - X