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VANILLA // POLY~wxmxmxmxmxm

Authors: aliens_rainbow

Genre: Teen Fiction

Update: 01-01-2023

Status: Ongoing

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My name is Vanessa Montgomery.
But Vanilla is a better name, isn't it?


Vanessa Montgomery is a girl who lives in a fantasy world where loving your fellow gender gets you killed, or sent to jail, but luckily for her, she manages to avoid both and gets sent to a house for getting 'treated'.

There she meets Doctor Sweet who she easily falls for, and four other males who she also likes as well, not excluding her best friend, Kai Light.

Eventually, the night that she tells Kai how she feels, she also realizes she likes the boys as well and plans to tell them but before she can, something devastating happens.

They both go missing.

It's now five years since Vanessa Montgomery and Kai Light disappeared from Aeria and Vino. Five years since the boys graduated from high school and stayed apart. Five years since their life went fucked.

But it's also been five years that Vanilla had spent waiting for the perfect time to take everything that belongs to her.

And the time, has finally come.

WARNING: This is a polyamory/polyfidelity book with more than three characters having a relationship. There would be slight use of cuss words, mature content and basically everything that makes a book half smut and half fluff.