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Where Flowers Don't Belong

Authors: Art3mis18

Genre: New Adult

Update: 19-08-2022

Status: Ongoing

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Evangeline has never known anything but slavery. Being forced to work for a cruel pack at a young age, all she cares about is completing her chores, scrounging up enough food to eat, and making it through the day without getting beaten for misbehaving.

But, one day, that all changes. The most powerful man alive, King Elijah Viotto, comes to visit her pack and claims young, human, slave Evangeline as his mate.

And his queen.

Little by little, secrets are revealed and Evangeline starts to learn that she isn't who she thought she was. No, she has a past that no one knew about, one that contains promises and hardship, and even a secret that makes her more powerful than anyone could ever have expected.


The spinoff book to Beautiful Belle and Alpha Grayson, the story of King Elijah and Queen Evangeline, and the making of the prophecy that changes everything.

Can be read as a standalone.