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White Fragility

Authors: KshisheyRana

Genre: New Adult

Update: 10-11-2022

Status: Ongoing

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❝Suddenly, being powerful and rich didn't seem so perfect anymore. It was a place full of pretence and farce. A place where the wealthy controlled the poor like puppets in their hands. For the first time, she didn't feel proud of who she was❞.

Swapping her ordinary, middle-class life for a status full of privilege, wealth and power, Teagan Caridi could not be more happier.

Then comes along the gorgeous but erratic Jasper Mitchell, a poor black boy who is haunted by his heritage and prejudice. His arrival threatens the very beliefs her life was built on.

Teagan must attempt to eradicate rigid hierarchy favouring the rich and white even if it means giving up everything she's earned for.

© 2020 Kshish Rana


White Fragility - Summary, Author's Note & Copyright

White Fragility - Character Aesthetics

White Fragility - Prologue

Chapter 1 - Can I Just Screw Myself?

Chapter 2 - The Heat Burns Me with Desire

Chapter 3 - The Prime Minister and Bogans Don't Mix

Chapter 4 - Encountering Jarryd

Chapter 5 - Damn The State School Kids

Chapter 6 - Does He Even Like Me?

Chapter 7 - Lowering my Standards

Chapter 8 - Black is Good, White is Better

Chapter 9 - I'm Feeling Like A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!

Chapter 10 - One Night Stand with my BFF?!

Chapter 11 - Shit! I'm About To Be Kidnapped By A...Hot Guy?

Author's Note-HIATUS OR NOT???

Chapter 12 - Marnie's Test Tube Incident

Chapter 13 - Scream Louder Than My Ex

Chapter 14 - I'd Rather Walk Buck Naked In The Middle Of the Swamp

Chapter 15 - Something's Quite Not Right

Chapter 16 - Forgive Me Please

Chapter 17 - The Kissing Ferris Wheel

Chapter 18 - They Call Me Black Peter

Chapter 19 - It's Time To Say Goodbye

Chapter 20 - The Ugly Truth of Racism


White Fragility - Character Aesthetics Part 2

Chapter 21 - The 'Popular' Social Outcast

Chapter 22 - Sinning In the Most Holiest Places

Chapter 23 - Big Dick Energy Is In The Air

Chapter 24 - It's Always The White Man Who Wins

Chapter 25 - Is Being Aboriginal A Crime in Australia?

Chapter 26 - Being papped with a sex goddess

Chapter 27 - Starstruck

Chapter 28 - Former Flame is Lame

Chapter 29 - Fuck Men and their Stupid Egos

Chapter 30 - It's Lonely Out There

Chapter 31 - Creating a scene with your ex

Chapter 32 - Food fights lead to....

Chapter 33 - Old Money vs Regular Folks

Chapter 34 - Revealing Secrets