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Witches Awakening

Authors: amberauthor20

Genre: Teen Fiction

Update: 08-02-2023

Status: Ongoing

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Kacie Mitchell had been waiting for what seemed like forever for her Senior year. She had everything she could imagine: popularity, looks, and a great boyfriend. But, no one told her about her past that was waiting for her to turn eighteen.

On the eve of Kacie's eighteenth birthday, she receives a small package at the door. The package comes with a card instructing her to wait until her birthday to open the box. Kacie opens the box on her birthday to find a necklace and, without hesitation, puts on the gold pendant with the red stone. Now, weird things are beginning to happen that Kacie can't explain.

The hot new guy Everett Butler knows more about Kacie than she knows about herself. So will Kacie have the courage to face the truth, even if that means facing the cold hard fact that her life has been a lie?

Is Kacie ready to use her newfound powers, and will she be able to use them on the one person she has trusted more than anyone?

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, and incidents are a product of the author's imagination or used for fiction purposes.