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Wrong Side Of The Bed

Authors: aishixwrites

Genre: New Adult

Update: 20-01-2023

Status: Ongoing

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Jannat - a girl made of copious amounts of sarcasm, a bit (lot) of a diva and an unwavering love for all things fashion - has loved the golden boy of the school, Lucas, since forever.

And much to her dismay, Jannat's arch nemesis - Christian, also known as the second Voldemort, ugly reincarnation of the devil, etc., is none other than Lucas' best friend.

But when things take a turn which none of them had anticipated, Jannat & Christian are forced to team up, in the name of love (or is it hate?) and things become genuinely, certainly, obviously, very, madly complicated.

But well, what's a little fake dating your arch-rival when you know that your heart beats for the golden boy you've loved since forever, right? Right?

And to think that it all started with the wrong side of the bed.

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⚡ featured on Wattpad YARomance's 'Love-hate relationships' reading list.

⚡ this a light-hearted, feel good rivals-to-lovers romance which was hard for me to come up with because i heart pain.

⚡all the graphics included in the book have been done by me. the pictures, although, have been taken from pinterest and belong to their rightful owners.

⚡please note that this book is exclusive only to wattpad for now, so if you see it somewhere else, please inform me!

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©2022 to Aishi Mitra @aishixwrites


character aesthetics, copyright, summary | wrong side of the bed.


00 | the great battle of junior prom.

01 | the equation of love.

02 | the art of not engaging in violence.

03 | tis' the fashion season.

04 | the library cataclysm.

05 | the debacle of the debate club.

06 | eighth wonder of the world.

07 | many thanks to the magnanimous twat.

08 | the chaos of hosting a dinner.

09 | dinnertime rivalry.

10 | how to crash a date.

11 | party boys don't get hurt.

12 | the wrong side of the bed.

13 | the schoolyard paradigm.

14 | the dangers of maybe.

15 | the underrated art of fake dating.

16 | it's nice to have a friend.

17 | it's in the job description!

18 | are you asking me out on a date?

19 | the marvelous group date.

20 | terrible, terrible realizations.

21 | even if it's just pretend.

22 | the last fake date.

23 | the working plan and breakfast for snacks.

24 | the breakup and a little heart-to-heart.

25 | break up with your best friend, i'm jealous.

26 | the boys day out.

27 | it's twisted but it's love.

28 | don't ever become a stranger.

29 | she knows, she knows, she knows.

30 | the saga of alcohol and divagirl.

31 | one kiss is all it takes.

32 | not just friends anymore.

33 | body says yes, mind says no.

34 | mario kart? more like karrio kart.

35 | american suits or italian suits?

36 | if you'll have me, i'm yours.

37 | a tale of two lovebirds.

38 | daddy issues.

39 | i've got issues, but you got 'em too.

40 | i am sorry.

41 | you know i love a london boy.

42 | we're all tangled up.