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Yandere Attack on Titan x Reader [LOVELY]

Authors: waesabiiSun

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 17-03-2022

Status: Ongoing

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Depressed. The emotion that washed over (Y/N) everyday. No one ever cared for her. To have parents who treated her sister like a royalty while (Y/N) got nothin. All she knew was loneliness and heartbreak. To have your hopes shatter as you effortlessly try to find someone who'll care for you. But no one really cared.

"Appreciate someone while you still have them...You'll never know when they'll go..."

The death of (Y/N) made everyone regret the way they treated the young teenager. Guilt morphed into confusion, insanity. To have the rest of their sanity slip through their fingers.

A new time, a new world, a new life. (Y/N), a new transfer student into Kyojin High due to her parents busy work schedule. She finds a group of boys that take a interested into her, to much of a interest.

"W-Why are y-you doing this?!"

"We can't let you go, not like last time...We just lOvE you too much."

[Isn't it lovely, all alone?
Heart made of glass, my mind of stone
Tear me to pieces, skin and bone
Hello, welcome home]

Started: 09-21-18