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You Belong to Me

Authors: smilenwaveboiz

Genre: Teen Fiction

Update: 31-05-2023

Status: Completed

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Evie was just a simple girl trying to make it through life without any unnecessary problems. And she didn't think co-signing on a loan for an old high school acquaintance would be a big deal. After all, he guaranteed her he'd pay it all back right away. Sadly, it turned out to be a very big deal. Now, Kai, a tall scary looking debt collector who works for the mafia, has shown up at her place to collect. But after striking a deal, he's decided to make other plans for her...

*WARNING * contains adult themed content, one chapter of dubious consent, language, sexual content (including some kink), some violence, readers please be aware that some chapters may immediately start off with sexual content but don't have a warning at the beginning because it's a continuation of the previous chapter.

Please read responsibly!

This cover has been changed from the old one because I found some cute, aesthetically pleasing line drawings on google that I wanted to use for the covers.