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You Turned Me Upside Down

Authors: seakimofficial

Genre: Teen Fiction

Update: 02-01-2023

Status: Ongoing

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Lilee White is the typical 17 year old in her senior year of Skywood High School. Yeah, she may have moved too many times, changed her name to Lila W due to a past incident, and lives a high status life secretly without anybody knowing. But, nothing out of the ordinary, right?

Lilee's life is boring and always the same. She is an introvert and she plans to stay that way. She is the top 1% student acing school with straight A's. That's the purpose of a high schooler, right? Nothing more.

Everything changed after meeting him on the Ferris Wheel. Winter Angel.

He is everything in one package. He has the pretty big, blue eyes that attracts all the girls like a magnet. Plus the 6' model height and killer fit, tan body. Moreover, he has the mysteriousness, looks, smarts, money, status, and the narcissistic personality everybody will die for. He is perfect and happy, right?

These two keep clashing in their senior year to the point it seems like too good to be true. The universe is just playing a big joke, right? They possibly can't be strangers to friends or something more, right?

Lilee doesn't want anything or anything to do with him. She thinks he is from another unrelatable world where she doesn't belong, but as she gets to know him on a deeper level why do they relate so much to each other? Why is she starting to understand the hype of the all in one package? His ocean is vast and why is she looking forward to knowing every aspect of it?

Winter is the complete opposite of Lilee. He wants to know everything and everything about Lilee. What is she hiding behind her quiet, shy demeanor? Why is he getting more addicted to her as finds out? Why is there anxieties and many what if's as he falls for her? Will she let his ocean calm her fire or will she dry, evaporate, and burn all of him?

Would Winter change Lilee's world upside down? Or vice versa? Or both?

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