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Read Yuvraj's Little Love (ON HOLD TILL NOV,2023) -

Yuvraj's Little Love (ON HOLD TILL NOV,2023)

Authors: unknownwriter_00

Genre: Teen Fiction

Update: 21-04-2023

Status: Ongoing

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STORY 1- Story of Yuvraaj Viraat Pratap Singh and Ms. Amaira Sharma
Yuvraj Viraat , a born ruler, who is the Governor of Rajasthan and the crown prince as well. He values nothing more than his family and his people. He is known to be ruthless to the people who are on his bad side. A name which brings shivers down the spine of wrong doers. He is a man who has the heart of every girl of India and is not unknown of his effect on girls, since he has them swooning all over him, and yet he has never touched a woman. He is a family man and wants a wife, not some fling.
Amaira Sharma, a kind hearted girl who has no family so she tries to find love by helping others. She is a girl who is unaware of her own beauty as she had no one to tell her how mesmerizing she is.Her main motive in life is to spread happiness all around.

STORY 2- Story of Yuvraaj Udayveer Singh and Princess Samaira Pratap Singh
A man who got nothing easily, a man who lost his family as a young child, someone who is loved by all as well as called the devil by all.
A Little princess who was the most pampered and yet the most innocent, a princess who was born with a silver spoon and yet the most humble one. How is it possible that the devil is notattracted by an innocent beauty?

STORY 3- Yuvraaj Samraat - coming soon

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